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RSE Curriculum Consultation

Dear Parents and Carers,


As you may be aware, the government has brought in changes around the teaching of Relationship and Sex Education that come into place from the Summer Term 2021.


As part of a consultation process, we have consulted with staff and governors about the content of this curriculum and feel ready to share with parents our Proposed Curriculum.


We recognise that this is a sensitive topic and we want to reassure you, that as a school, we want to get this right for our whole school community.


We are expected to deliver a non-negotiable set of objectives, as decided by the Department for Education.  By the end of Primary school, all children will have been taught content on:
• families and people who care for me
• caring friendships
• respectful relationships
• online relationships
• being safe
• mental wellbeing
• internet safety and harms
• physical health and fitness
• healthy eating
• facts and risks associated with drugs,
alcohol and tobacco
• health and prevention
• basic first aid
• changing adolescent body


As a school we use Jigsaw, a national provided for PHSE resources, to support the delivery of our PHSE/SRE curriculum.  We have therefore compiled a series of lessons objectives to be taught during the summer term (last 6 weeks) of each year group.  


The clear rationale behind our curriculum is to educated our children in a sensible and sensitive way to ensure that our pupils are prepared for the life ahead of them, therefore we have taken a factual and scientific approach to setting out our curriculum in a hope that this will provide our children with a high quality SRE educational experience.


All the information is under the Parent section on our school website:


We hope that this information will help you to build an informed understanding of the statutory curriculum that school will be providing. 


We have also included the information that we hope to cover in our optional Year 6 RSE curriculum-this is the aspect of the curriculum that parents may wish their child to 'opt out of':


We have included examples of the types of images that will be used within the curriculum so that you can gain an informed understanding of what school hope to deliver.  We believe that the use of scientific diagrams helps to remove some of the sensitivity surrounding these issues and provides a factual approach to the delivery of this curriculum.


Where required, aspects of the curriculum will be taught to same sex groupings to ensure that pupils have the opportunity to ask sensible questions without the embarrassment that may be caused by teaching in mixed sex groupings.


On the website we have included:

  • Parent Guides
  • RSHE Policy
  • RSHE PowerPoint -this includes a video with an audio explanation
  • Statutory Guidance
  • RSHE Consultation-A Google Form link is here for you to provide feedback
  • The Curriculum Overview
  • The Optional Year 6 SRE Curriculum
  • FAQs

We hope that together we can develop a first class educational opportunity for children that not only supports them educationally but also emotionally as they navigate through the changes that they face as they progress through their education.


We would welcome your feedback and have included the link to our google form:


As is always the case, should you feel you wish to discuss this further, the staff at school are happy to answer any of your questions so please do not hesitate to contact us.


Kind Regards


Fran Nickson