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"Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can."  John Wesley

Autumn 2

This half-term we are going to be learning about lots of exciting and interesting topics in 4M. Read on to find out more about what your child will be doing. 


Our unit of study this half-term is explanation texts and narratives. We will be reading and learning all about volcanoes then we will be creating our own explanation texts. We will then have the opportunity to write our own stories using lots of exciting descriptive language.  


We will start this half-term focussing on addition and subtraction. We will be looking at adding and subtraction 4-digit numbers where we have to exchange. We will then apply this knowledge to solving addition and subtraction word problems. We will continue to have a big focus on learning our times tables and this half-term we will focus on 6x, 7x, 8x and 9x tables.


In science this half-term we are going to be learning all about different scientists and inventors. We will be looking at what different scientists and inventors have achieved over time and their significant inventions. We will be doing lots of practical activities and we will have the chance to make our own string telephones!


This half-term in geography our topic is ‘Extraordinary Earth’. We will be looking at the structure of the earth and how volcanoes are formed. We will also be looking at why volcanoes erupt and the consequences of this. We will have the opportunity to recreate a volcanic explosion in class and we will be doing lots of other exciting activities!

Religious Education

Our unit this half-term will be looking at how we live our lives and relating this to Christianity. We will be learning about the importance of the bible as well as how and why Christians use the bible today. We will have the opportunity to express our own views and listen to those of others.



In computing we are going to be using our computing skills to make posters using adobe express. We will be looking at what scams are and making sure that we know how to spot one. We will also be creating fact files about volcanoes.


Our topic this half-term is based around gymnastics. We are going to be learning about how to warm up our muscles to prepare for gymnastics and why this is important. We will be practising different movements, focusing on how to do this safely. Once we have learnt different shapes and positions, we will be putting these together to make a routine.


Our unit this half-term will be focussed on celebrating our differences. We will be talking about the importance of accepting people for who they are and why it is important not to judge others. We will also be talking about problem-solving and how to help ourselves and others if we feel unhappy. We will be doing lots of creative tasks which will allow us to express our thoughts and feelings.