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Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties

Our offer for Social, Emotional and Health Needs (SEMH)

Conditions for this need Referrals/ diagnosis/ support

There are no specific conditions for this area of need.  Here are some bullet points for indicators.

  • Trauma
  • Change in routine causing emotional distress
  • Challenging behaviour with SEMH underlying cause
  • ASD/ ADHD with SEMH issues
  • Other SEN specific need with SEMH underlying
  • Change in behaviour e.g. becoming withdrawn, angry, frustrated, aggressive.
  • Mute - unable/ unwilling to speak.

Speak to the class teacher.

The class teacher will meet with the SENCo.

The child will be observed by the SENCo and next steps confirmed.

The family and the child will be supported through our pastoral services or school counsellor (with parental consent) 

If the issues are affecting the child's education, they may be added to the SEN register.  They will then have an IEP which will be reviewed termly with the child and parents. 

If the child does not improve with interventions at school and family support, a referral to CAMHs may be made through the school nursing team.  

A referral to CAMHs can be made though the GP service. 

Social support groups such as Nurture Group




Many free resources can be found on the ELSA Support Website.  In schools an ELSA is an Emotional Literacy Support Assistant. ELSAs support children with their social skills, emotions, bereavement, anger management and self-esteem by using social stories, therapeutic stories and counselling skills. 


Click on the image for direct access to their website.


Here is what we use to assess when a child needs further support for SEMH needs