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If your child is displaying a high temperature, a continuous cough or loss of taste or smell-these are symptoms of Covid-19- please seek advice from NHS and ensure to quarantine for 10 days if positive from the onset of symptoms- further advice on our school website and Facebook page.

Parent View

September 2021 Parent View questionnaire Results

Responses: 34 Parents/Carers


  • 97% of Parents said that their child feels safe and is happy at school.
  • The majority of parents asked said that pupils are well behaved at RAMJS.
  • Over 80% of parents felt that school are effective at dealing with bullying.
  • 65% of parents feel that they know what their child is learning at school.
  • 85% of parents said that school deal with issues properly.
  • 100% of our parents with SEND children feel that there child is well supported in school.
  • 88% of parents believe that school has high expectations for their child.
  • 85% of parents feel that their child achieves well at RAMJS.
  • The majority of parents feel that school offers a wide range of subjects to it's pupils and that the school supports the wider personal development of their child.
  • Over 90% of parents would recommend RAMJS to another parent.



RAMJS as a Church School - Parent View September 2021

Responses: 34 Parents


The majority of parents are aware that RAMJS is a church school.

85% feel that RAMJS is a good church school.

Over 95% of parents feel that children can express their own faith with confidence.


Parents say:

" Staff look after all the children."

"The school hold similar morals and values to our faith."

"It is good that the school ethics are based on God."