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Sensory and/or Physical Needs

Our Offer

Conditions within this area of need Our Offer

Wheelchair Access

Ribbleton Avenue Methodist Junior School has full wheelchair access to manoeuvre around the whole school.  Children who use wheelchairs usually have funding for 1:1 support through an EHCP.  We have a disabled toilet on the school premises. Externally, we have ramp access. All children with physical impairments are encouraged to be as inclusive and independent as possible. With 1:1 support through the EHCP, we are able to offer support with any physiotherapy exercises. Children needing a wheelchair or other mobility aids will have a care plan and regular reviews with healthcare professionals to ensure we meet needs. 


The Lancashire Occupational Health Team will help the school to provide the correct care, approach and equipment. 

Other  physical needs

Children with any physical disability will be given the appropriate care through a care plan which is devised with the school and healthcare professionals.  We are able (with training from health professionals) to cater for a wide variety of physical needs due to the school being on one level and ramp access externally.  


For other gross motor disabilities, we can support Occupational Health Therapists with regular sessions to practise balance and strength. We can offer gross motor skills activities which aims to help children develop.


We offer safe storage of hearing aid batteries and equipment.  We work closely with the Physical and Medical Team from Lancashire to ensure we have the correct equipment for children with difficulties hearing - such as microphones for teachers.  Teachers will place children where they are more likely to engage - such as facing the front, sitting in a noise reduced area where possible.  Conversations with parents and the child will be ongoing. 

Sight We provide care for visually impaired children who need larger texts, raised writing areas and adult support (if an EHCP is in place).