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Headteacher's Awards

The Headteachers Award was given to Harper for her amazing Tudor fact file. Harper worked incredibly hard to create this superb work which was full of useful information and fun fact!

Hiba has a been awarded a Headteacher's Award for her amazing work. Hiba was so proud of herself that she told me she was 'smiling with her teeth' for the first time ever! What a super star.






Every day our amazing pupils continue to blow me away!


As Year 5 have been looking at Saving the Planet, they are applying their important message into daily practices and being Courageous Advocates for Change.

Miss Parker emailed me to make me aware that we are blessed to have "some fab children in 5M, who at the end of each play time, go around the front yard and pick up litter everyday!"

They are doing this without being asked, simply because they feel it is the right thing to do so not only showing Respect for our school environment, they are filling me with Hope and being the Ambitious and Courageous pupils we know they can be. As a school we Love this kind act and you should be very proud of yourselves!

Take a bow Karam, Jaiden, Ebrahim, you are practicing what you preach and we are so proud of you!

That is a Headteacher's Award for each of you, Well Done and Thank You!



This week, I have award a Headteacher's Award to Aataina in 5R for her amazing homework.  Following their learning about the WW1 Trenches, Aataina has made this model of a trench.  The imagination and thought that has gone into this piece of work is sensational!  When asked about her work, Aataina had been incredibly proud to have made this representation of a piece of history and clearly demonstrated a huge amount of Respect, which can be seen in the level of detail she has applied to this piece! Well done, I am very proud of you!




Mohammad Daniyal has done this wonderful poem about World War 2.  Upon discussion with Mohammad Daniyal, he was able to explain why he had written his lovely poem and he felt he had modelled both Courage and Respect in this piece of work.



A Headteacher's Award has been given to these 2 super stars for their wonderful Diwali Assembly.  You can see the info here on our website:


What a great demonstration of our Faith Value!




A headteacher's award has been awarded to Jabran for showing Courage this week.  Despite never going swimming before, he embraced the challenge and showed great Courage and determination with a huge smile on his face throughout! Well done Jabran, you have really shone in your swimming lessons this week!




This week I was wowed by some wonderful singing from our Y4M girls; Arissa, Sravani, Elizabeth and Ruby were AMAZING! .  They had taken it upon themselves to practice a song we had been singing in assembly and to perform it for the children in their class.  The song is about 'Our God' being a great BIG God, who knows and loves us.  The girls all have different faiths but were united in the shared belief that our own personal God is the giver of life and how wonderful it is to be part of his plan.  What a fantastic demonstration of Faith!



Lily-May has been awarded a Headteacher Award for her wonderful writing about a visit to France.  Lily-May tried really hard, using her phonics to help her sound out her spellings.  Whilst on her visit she told her audience all about eating sausages and gravy whilst camping in a tent.

Well done Lily-May, you showed endless determination to succeed, a real model of Ambition.




Lacey Cairns has received the Headteacher Award for her amazing attitude whilst in Outdoor Education. Despite the terrible weather, Mr Moran said that Lacey display resilience and determination to complete the Code Breaking activity whilst having a truly enjoyable time.  Well done Lacey, you have shown the ambition to succeed this week!


Isaac in 5R


I was blessed to watch a wonderful role play in 5M on Monday 27.09.2021.  The improvisation was about a Haunted House and Isaac not only embraced his role fully, he was funny, engaging and demonstrated a real enjoyment whilst modelling his acting skills.  Well done Isaac, you put a smile on my face, especially with the dramatic "fainting" at the end and showed a LOVE for acting smiley



I am so proud of this wonderful work produced by Jacob in Year 4.  He has taken lots of time to ensure that his work is carefully finished and is a beautiful reflection of his respect for this faith.

Jacob says "I took time and respect in making my front cover and I can't believe how good it looked at the end!"



What an inspirational letter from Gurdas who is this week's Star 29.06.2021



A headteacher's award has been given to the whole of 3R this week for their fantastic work on Roman Mosaics


A headteacher's award has been given to Ronnie in 4r for his brilliant work on the Romans