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Food, Glorious Food


In Year 5 we are learning about foods and where they come from. As such we noticed that palm oil (under all it's various names) seem to be present in many of the foods we eat. Some children had heard about this product on the news recently due to a banned Christmas advert. As such we decided to watch the 'banned'  advert used by Iceland and made by Greenpeace called 'There's an Oran-tan in my bedroom', which had started our discussion.


We found it very moving. So moving in fact we decided to do something about it! It was impossible to ignore. We started to research palm oil, which has boomed in popularity, and what it is and why it causes so much devastation to our life giving forests. We found that the forests are being destroyed at an alarming rate and destroying the orangutans homes and food supplies to make way for palm oil plantations. Many of the big global food companies are buying their palm oil from plantations which have destroyed the forest to grow it cool


We are going to continue to research this issue and hopefully contact some of the companies with our thoughts on the matter. We would also  like to tell the story of what is happening from the perspective of the poor defenceless orangutans who are losing their homes and dying at an alarming rate - 25 a day. Come back soon to see some of the work we are doing and our emotive videos. 


If we work together we can hopefully make a difference. 


"The future's not yet written but I'll make sure that it's ours."

Save the orangutan

Still image for this video
A video we made based on the advert to raise awareness of the orangutans’ plight

Our posters