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The Graduated Approach



Quality First Teaching

Our teachers use their best endeavours to include all children in their lessons through support, grouping, seating arrangements and differentiation.  

Wave 2 Intervention

Small groups of children may need to be taught separately for some sessions.  These are delivered at a different time to the normal lesson.  Usually, these help to boost English and Maths skills.

Wave 3 Intervention

IEPs.  Once a child is placed on the SEN register, they have an Individual Education Plan written outlining a range of group and 1:1 interventions.  These are reviewed formally every term with parents and the child.  

The Heart Room- Mrs Tugwell

A daily group which focuses on supporting children’s emotional wellbeing. Children do not have to be on the SEN register to qualify for The Heart Room. Mrs Tugwell provides bespoke support for children with additional emotional or behavioural needs.  The offer also includes nurture/ emotional support and friendship groups.   

Family Support Worker- Mrs Leeming

Works with children and families to address any issues there may be.  Children may work individually or in groups, or with family members.  Our family support worker supports many families. She has built very positive relationships with our children and families. Parents who need support with external issues such as housing can have support from our family support worker. 


If needs are severe, an EHCP may be issued when all other avenues have been explored.  Funding may then be topped up to allow school to meet the needs of the EHCP through extra resources.