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Internet Safety

Internet Sharp


During their first lesson on Internet Safety children thought about what personal information is and why it should not be shared online. 
They played a game on Interland to see if they could share posts accordingly with the correct audience on Mindful Mountain. Hopefully all the children now know to share with care!

Internet Alert


During autumn 2, children have looked at phishing and signs to spot online scams. They were able to sort real emails from fake scams using what they had learnt!

Internet Secure

The children learnt about why we need passwords and what makes a good one. 
They completed an interactive password quiz and visited Tower Of Treasure on Interland to test out what they had learnt.

Internet Kind

The children learned how kindness creates ripples. They also realised positive and negative vibes are contagious and it’s better to pass on good vibes! They played Kind Kingdom on Interland to block and report cyber bullies and spread love not hate online,


To link with our animations topic, we created stop motion animation to create a be kind online message. We used onion skinning and added different frames, slightly tweaking our images between frames!

Be Kind Animation

Still image for this video