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Welcome to RAMJS. We hope you find this page useful

Curriculum Diversity and Inclusion

Our Curriculum is unique to our school, focussing on the individual needs of the wonderful pupils at RAMJS.


As a Methodist school, we run our Christian values as the golden thread throughout our curriculum but these values have been specifically picked by our children, to reflect who we are as a school.

We are a school that welcomes all, regardless of gender, race, faith or sexuality and we feel that we do this with a curriculum that embraces our unique demographic.






At RAMJS we include authors from around the world, texts from other countries, global celebrations of other faiths including our annual Eid, Diwali and Jewish New Year festivities. These go hand in hand with our Christian celebrations and at RAMJS, we use Big Questions to help us unpick these unique differences to support the development of tolerance and respect throughout the school.



Our values ensure that our school curriculum remains diverse and inclusive, ensuring that all children at RAMJS 'have brighter futures', that are built on 'ambition, courage and respect' whilst being filled with 'love, hope and faith.'


Whilst focussing on our local area in our 'Lovely Lancashire' topic, or using our local cenotaph to support our understanding of WW1 and WW2 in Ribbleton, we also cross the seas and oceans in our ICT lessons to learn about deforestation and plastic pollution impacting on the animals in our ocean.  All our learning links together to make it purposeful, impactful and exciting.

We have even been known to travel to Spain, digitally that is, to explore a country completely different to our own.

So you may be wondering how we have developed our Inclusive curriculum?


We believe that every child deserves access to the best quality first teaching both academically and emotionally.


At RAMJS we have developed our Heart Room provision to support with the emotional needs of all our pupils.  This specialist provision enables our pupils to work through problems using restorative practices.  Whilst in the Heart Room, be it for 5 minutes or maybe the whole day, learning is adapted to link with whole class topics or put into practice in a Lego Therapy group.

We also run small group SEND provision with both teacher and teaching assistant support.  In this class, we deliver an individual curriculum that focuses on gaining successes in early reading, writing and maths. 


Children accessing this provision also have access to whole class teaching and are very much involved in the main curriculum topics, with learning adapted and individualised to support the differing needs of each and every child. 

We also have our Outdoor Curriculum which is in it's early development stages but proving to be a huge success throughout school.  This is a curriculum area aimed at providing exciting learning experiences for all children and includes free trips where finances are not a limiting factor for our children and their families.


We believe it is our duty to 'do all the good we can', and we feel that as our school continues to evolve and develop our children are beginning to thrive, gaining new experiences that will really change their lives!