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What are we learning in maths this half term?


In the first half term we begin my recapping and developing our understanding of place value (the order and value of each digit) of numbers up to 10 million. Place value is essential in terms of reading, understanding and calculating with numbers and therefore we spend a few weeks looking at this topic. 


As our knowledge of place value becomes embedded we then apply this knowledge when completing addition and subtraction calculations; in year 6 the numbers become increasingly larger and the way questions are worded increase in difficulty. Children can often find the skill of applying this learning into problems difficult so I have included some examples of what we are learning in class (including challenging questions) that you could look at with your child at home if you wish. 

Knowledge Organisers


These documents can be used by both: Parents/carers  to check your child’s understanding as well as pupils to support their own learning/revision.

Reasoning questions (problem solving)

Below are examples of reasoning questions that children in year 6 will come across throughout the academic year. Please feel free to work with your children through these challenging questions as well as getting them to explain to you how to work them out. The more children see these type of questions the more confident they will feel. 


Times table practice


Please continue to practice multiplication tables at home with your children. This does not to be a lengthy task and can be a quick 10 mins in the car or after tea etc. It has been noted that children who have a good knowledge of their timestables are able to solve problems and arithmetic questions easier than children who do not know their multiplication tables fluently.