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Tony Andrews

School Council interviewing the Governors



Name of governor: DR Tony Adams       

Name of school counsellor: Ahmed

How old are you?



What are your hobbies?

Photography, writing articles and publishing them, travel, revising travel guides, and cycling.


Do you have children?



Did you like school when you were younger?

Yes, liked all the subjects


Was school different when you were younger?

Yes, no group work, much more being told something got taught it.


Are you from Preston?

No south London


Do you live in this area?



Are you married?



What’s your favourite movie/ cartoon?

All Disney and travel/ nature programs


What was your favourite cartoon when you were young?

Donald Duck


Did/do you have any pets?



Are you a cat/dog person?



What was your first job?

In a toy factory assembling toys.


How did you get the job as a governor?

Appointed by Methodist church


Is your job hard?

Yes, we must make lots of decisions


Were you exited when you got this job?

Was happy, I use my skills to help the school.


How old were you when you started this job?



Do you have inspirations?

To be the best I can as a governor


What is your favourite book?

Around the world in 80 trains.


What is your favourite food or drink?



Do you like an ice cream?



What is your favourite music?

Brass band


What is your favourite colour?

 Brown and rusty colours


What is your favourite game?

 Don’t have one


Do you agree with what we are learning at RAMJS?

Yes, very impressed


Do you like sport?

Running and swimming


What do you do for living?

Retired science DR


What skills do you have?

Talk for England.


Do you have any inspirational people you look at?

Various people and family.