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Due to Strike Action, school will be closed to all pupils on Wednesday 1st February 2023.


At RAMJS we have children of all different faiths and cultures; we even speak 18 languages throughout the school!


In order to celebrate our diversity, we build our curriculum around all the religions observed by our community, using our school value of Respect to support us as we explore our other value of Faith as a school.


As a Methodist school, we share the tolerance and respect for all faiths and model this in our celebration days.




We use our  R.E. and Worship Charter to support help us explore other faiths and beliefs in a respectful way.


Our Daily Worship is linked to the wider world, sharing stories from different cultures to help keep our focus relevant.  


We provide experiential learning through our R.E. curriculum including:

  • Visits to places of worships or religious significance
  • Cultural days exploring food, clothing and religious artefacts