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Welcome to RAMJS. We hope you find this page useful

How is our curriculum unique?

We see our school as aspiring to be a beacon of inclusive excellence developing confident, tolerant, and enthusiastic young people who enjoy working with others and are ready to influence the world.


At Ribbleton Avenue Methodist Junior School we aim to have a personalised, inspiring, but flexible curriculum that is underpinned by our Unique Methodist Culture, our Christian values and our true diversity as a school.

It is the flexibility that allows us to be responsive to the interests of our children, current affairs momentous events whilst making links to other curriculum areas when they are meaningful to do so. Underpinning our integrated learning journey is a set of curriculum drivers.


As a Methodist School it is our hope that our curriculum

  • Challenges and inspires our students as individuals to grow intellectually, personally and spiritually whilst achieving their best.
  • Promotes high academic standards and the development of talents through a variety of experiential learning opportunities, because we believe each child has God-given talents to develop.
  • Affirm that education is about the acquisition of wisdom and humility as well as the acquisition of academic qualifications and offer Jesus Christ as a model of what it means to grow towards our full humanity.