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If your child is displaying a high temperature, a continuous cough or loss of taste or smell-these are symptoms of Covid-19- please seek advice from NHS and ensure to quarantine for 10 days if positive from the onset of symptoms- further advice on our school website and Facebook page.

Foreign Languages

Why do we study a foreign language?

Foreign Languages allow children to develop their linguistic talents, allowing them to become more culturally aware, inspiring them to find out more about the world around them. Ribbleton Avenue Methodist Junior School believes that foreign languages are a vital part of the education of all children. The child’s use and understanding of the grammar, structure and vocabulary of foreign languages needs to be developed by effective teaching and learning, by using a range of interactive resources and by being immersed in a wealth of culture-rich experiences, so that they may then reflect back upon their own language with more fluency, confidence and manipulative control.

How we learn French at RAMJs

Learning a foreign language is statutory for pupils in Key Stage 2. At Ribbleton Avenue Methodist Junior School, children are provided with a variety of opportunities to develop and extend their language skills throughout the Key Stage. A discreet teaching approach to Foreign Languages is taken within the primary curriculum, which allows teachers to develop learning on a little-and-often basis. We teach a Foreign Language (French) to children in Years 3-6 for a minimum of 30 minutes a week. We use a program called 'Rigolo', which is mainly ICT based, alongside a range of topic-based resources, to attain a basic knowledge of a wide variety of topics.