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If your child is displaying a high temperature, a continuous cough or loss of taste or smell-these are symptoms of Covid-19- please seek advice from NHS and ensure to quarantine for 10 days if positive from the onset of symptoms- further advice on our school website and Facebook page.


***Following whole school baseline assessments, home reading books will be sent home on or before the 30th September  ***

Until then please access reading online via using your class login found in the back of the diary.


Please bring in your home reading

books and diaries every day.


We would like the children to read as much as they can and for you to help them and make sure they understand what they are reading by asking them questions about what is happening.


  • Children are expected to read at home for at least 15 minutes every day
  • Adults both in school and at home are kindly asked to initial diaries when listening to children read and to sign them at the end of each week.
  • Reading books should be changed twice a week, but if finished, then they can be changed more often.