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Ruth Milwood Hopkins

School Council interviewing the Governors



Name of governor: Mrs Ruth Millward- Hopkins

Name of school counsellor: Rajwant and Isaac


How old are you?



What are your hobbies?

To read, gossiping, talking, jigsaw puzzles, drumming and travelling.


Do you have children?

Yes, and is a grandma to a dog.


Do you have a son or daughter?

2 sons


Have your children been to this school?

No, they haven’t


Did you like school when you were younger?

Yes, I did


Was school different when you were younger?

Yes, I remember it being much more traditional old-fashioned desks. No group work and we were told what to do.


Are you from Preston?

No, I am from Nottingham


Do you live in this area?



Are you married?



What’s your favourite movie/ cartoon?

 La la land and Driving Daisy.


What was your favourite cartoon when you were young?

Tom and Jerry.


Did/do you have any pets?

Hamster, Guinea pigs and dogs.


Are you a cat/dog person?



What was your first job?

 Saturday job at a supermarket.


How did you get the job as a governor?

 Got invited by the chairman when I was at book club with him.


Is your job hard?

Yes, lots of hours spent.


Were you exited when you got this job?

Nervous because never been a governor before.


How old were you when you started this job?



Do you have inspirations?

Be a better drummer, be more knowledgeable and become a better governor.


What is your favourite book?

To Kill a Mockingbird


What is your favourite food or drink?

Fish finger sandwich in white bread.


Do you like an ice cream?



What is your favourite music?

Rock, paPchelbel's Canon in D Major


What is your favourite colour?



What is your favourite game?



Do you agree with what we are learning at RAMJS?

 Yes, impressed with the learning


Do you like sport?

Just watching rugby and swimming.


What do you do for living?

Retired teacher


Do you have any inspirational people you look at?

 Members of my family.