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If your child is displaying a high temperature, a continuous cough or loss of taste or smell-these are symptoms of Covid-19- please seek advice from NHS and ensure to quarantine for 10 days if positive from the onset of symptoms- further advice on our school website and Facebook page.


We expect all members of the school community to be respectful towards others regardless of their gender, ethnicity, faith, beliefs and preferences.  We celebrate diversity and promote our unique, individuality!


Children are encouraged to understand and appreciate the wide range of cultural influences that have shaped their own heritage and that of others.

  • Through our projects, children learn about how the past has influenced the present and how actions today will influence the future e.g. history based topics such as Brunel.
  • John Wesley’s prayer is learnt and understood by all children and they understand the positive concept of ‘I can.’
  • The school takes part in national events that mark cultural heritage, i.e. Remembrance Day.


Children are willing to participate in and respond positively to artistic, musical, sporting and cultural opportunities.

  • Theatre visits in and out of school
  • Trips in our locality including our Harris Museum, Brockholes Nature Reserve and our Y6 Residential to Hothersall Lodge