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If your child is displaying a high temperature, a continuous cough or loss of taste or smell-these are symptoms of Covid-19- please seek advice from NHS and ensure to quarantine for 14 days-further advice on our school website and Facebook page.


Welcome to 5M's webpage!

Teacher: Miss Parker

HLTA: Mrs France

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Patel and Mrs Wilson


Welcome back! We missed you. 


Here you will find information about what is happening in class, what topics are being taught over the year and what homework our children are expected to complete.




- The children have PE every Thursday morning and Friday afternoon. Children are required to come to school in their PE kits, which consists of a white t-shirt, black shorts, leggings or tracksuit bottoms and pumps. No jewellery will be allowed. You DO NOT need to bring your uniform to get changed back in to. 


- A list of spellings will go home with the children on Mondays for them to practice at home, the same spellings will also be uploaded to Seesaw. Children must return their spelling books on the following Friday so that they can be quarantined safely before having the new lists stuck in to be sent out on Monday. They will be tested on their spellings the following Wednesday (1 week and 2 days after being given them).


- Homework will be uploaded to Seesaw on a Monday for the children to complete. This must be completed by the following Friday.


- Children are expected to read at home every night and to get their reading diaries signed. They must bring their reading diaries in to school every day.


We encourage the children to read as much as possible and it would be wonderful if the adults at home could help them and make sure that they understand what they are reading by asking them questions about what they are reading. We would like children to read at least three pages of their book every day and for an adult to sign their reading diary to say they have done this. The children can change their reading books when they have finished.





Reading question stems to help with your child's comprehension.

Ancient Civilisations

This half term we will be studying an ancient civilisation that has had an impact on our lives today: the Early Islamic Civilisation. We will be looking at the period of time this civilisation thrived, the historic House of Wisdom, the inventions and accomplishments that came from this civilisation and the art created by the people that lived there. This will link to our RE focus: Islam, chosen at this time to coincide with Ramadan. As our Year 5 focus in RE is to learn about how people find guidance to live their lives, we will be looking at how this applies to Muslims and how their holy book plays a part in this. We will also be studying changing states in Science, an investigation-filled topic that allows the children to explore reversible and irreversible changes and how to separate mixtures. 


For the following three weeks, upon our return to school until the Easter Holidays, we will be continuing our study of Space. We will look at the history of space exploration, including the events leading to and included in the famous Space Race between the USA and Soviet Union up until the first humans landing on the moon in 1969. We will study the planets in our solar system, the phases of the moon and how our planet experiences night, day and the seasons. 

Lovely Lancashire

This half term, up until the December holidays, our class will be learning all about the area in which they live. We will be learning all about the myths and legends from the surrounding areas and investigating crime and punishment throughout British history. As we lead up towards Christmas, we will be studying Christianity and God - specifically how Christian values and beliefs can be found in stories alongside important truths. 

In science, we will be studying the properties of materials. This will entail comparing and grouping everyday materials bases on their properties and investigating the suitability of certain materials to fulfill a purpose e.g. which materials are most suitable as thermal insulators?

Ancient Egyptians

This half term we will be learning all about the ancient Egyptians! We will be looking into where and when the ancient Egyptians existed and all about their lives and beliefs including the gods and goddesses they worshipped and their beliefs of the afterlife. The children will be studying the impact that the ancient Egyptians have had on our world today by focusing on the artefacts and landmarks that still survive today. We will also be studying Hindu Dharma this term, focusing on what Hindus learn from stories about Krishna. 

In science, we will be investigating the effects of forces. Specifically, we will be conducting experiments to investigate the effects of gravity and the different types of friction. We will also look at levers and pulleys and use this knowledge to build our very own ancient Egyptian Shaduf!