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Welcome to RAMJS. We hope you find this page useful


In Year 3 we learn the Glockenspiel:


The glockenspiel is a percussion instrument type, in the same musical instruments category as the xylophone and timpani.

Usually it has a range of 2 and a half octaves and is set up in a keyboard instrument format, similar to the xylophone but made with metal instead of wood.

It is played by hitting the keys with mallets with a plastic or felt tip, and has a soft sound, but that is very high pitch. If it is hit too hard, it makes a very bad sound, is often used to represent things such as fairiesbirds, and butterflies, and it is from Germany.


We feel that this instrument is a great starting point as it teaches basic notation (notes covered  C,D,E and F).  It also covers using a beater to develop their fine motor and  playing skills. By using a beater, it teaches children about the differing sounds and effects that can be created using increased/reduced pressure.



Children in Year 3 also learn vocal skills and exploring action songs  using the Lancashire music service ‘Jump Up and Join In’ music sessions.