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Welcome to RAMJS. We hope you find this page useful


This half term children will be looking at 3D design, first using greyscale images to create their own Roman coins and then moving on to Tinkercad, a 3d CAD program to design their own items.


We are very lucky to have 2 Ultimaker 3D printers in school which we can use to print our own designs using cura software.


We researched some of the 3D designs already out there on the webpage Thingyverse.


Here’s the Roman Colosseum design we found and printed for each class!



Following on from our coins, we decided to design our own medals for Sports Day. Our favourite design will be printed for the winners! 

Our Sports Day Medals

We also used Tinkercad (3D computer aided design) to make our medal designs. It was trickier than using the greyscale image technique but we persevered, using 3D shapes to gradually build up our medals!