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Lower KS2

Autumn 2 – November 2021

This half term Year 3 and 4 will be learning all about World War 2 with a focus on the Blitz. Using a range of sources children will be using their enquiry skills to discover what it was like in 1939 during the outbreak of the war including: the events leading up to the declaration of war, what it was like for different groups of people during the war and finally what was the lasting impact of WW2 and how has this shaped our lives today. Keep looking to see examples of our fantastic work!


Year 3

As part of their history lessons 3M have been developing their understanding of chronology by looking at timelines. The children had to decide what were the key events of WW2 and then order them on a timeline. 3M also explored our WW2 resources and some children even tried on a gas mask!