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Internet safety

In Summer 1, children looked at the age limits for different social media accounts and we used the THINK acronym to help us decide what was safe to post. We then looked at photo editing of pictures posted and its effects. We made Kahoot quizzes and inspirational videos to try to help people make good choices on social media.

In Summer 2, we looked at how to use email safely and protect ourselves from Spam.

Have a go at our kahoot quiz here to see if you know how to stay safe when using email!


We have been learning about password safety and how to keep your password safe. We now know why they are so important. We checked our understanding by completing a Kahoot quiz.


You can can check your password on how secure is your 


We shared our knowledge of safe passwords by making our own videos explaining how to choose a safe password. There are some examples we made below.

Password safety

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Secure passwords

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