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Year 5

Computing 2022-2023

Computing 2021-2022

Computing 2019-2020

We had lots of fun in computing today using Augmented reality to create Christmas scenes.

We created Calendars for the new year by green screening our images over different pictures of the seasons. We then used Piccollage to create one image. We think they look great!

Year 5 are studying the solar system. We are going to use our research skills to create information presentations on our chosen planets as well as making a solar system database. We will also use green screen technology to have UFO's crashing into the school yard and rockets launching into space! We will also create news broadcasts about breaking space news and create our own talking astronaut avatars.

We’ve been having fun with augmented reality, bringing our space books to life!

We have also been creating cool logos for our space mission into space. Here are some examples.


Year 5 learnt all about space last term and are going to use this knowledge to help them make a video about a space voyage during the spring half term.




To begin their video, the children created avatars to introduce their mission using voki. Below you can see some examples of our work.

Astronaut avatar

Still image for this video

Space Voyage videos

Still image for this video
Aatiqah's space mission

Huzaifah's space journey

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

final Mayah movie.mp4

Still image for this video
Mayah's space voyage


Below you can see some of the pictures we created using green screen technology.

Tegan's space voyage

Still image for this video

Ahmed's space video

Still image for this video

Aamir's Space Voyage

Still image for this video

Tasnime's Space Journey

Still image for this video


During the second half of the Spring term we have been looking at research using search engines. To begin the topic Mrs Tipton presented us with various websites to research and make notes from. What none of us noticed were that they were fake 'spoof' sites filled with false information. We now know to check the websites we are using carefully, looking for clues on their reliability.  Here are a few examples:


We then went onto looking at how search engines work and how to search the web effectively. 

We used these skills to research the Maya. This information then helped us to design a Mayan Maze game based on the foods they ate and the Gods they worshipped. Come back soon to have a go at playing some of our games soon!