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Internet Safety

Over the year we will be looking at the 5 pillars of Google's Internet Legends.

At the start of the year, we reminded ourselves about the first pillar of being Internet legends : being Internet Sharp. We were able to create our own talking avatars describing what was safe to share and with who. We also talked about always thinking before you post as anything posted online is permanent, regardless as to whether you delete it or not!

Think before you post

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Don’t overshare

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Keep private information private

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Be smart

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During Autumn 2 we recapped being Internet Alert and not falling for fake news, profiles or emails. 
We looked at various scenarios and decided what the appropriate response would be, using our internet safety skills to keep us safe from fake profiles.

As most of us were learning from home in Spring 1, we completed our Internet Secure activities online using Seesaw. Here are some of the resources we looked at.

Video of password rules: Interland - Tower of treasure: A password quiz:

A password safety check site:

As most of us were working from home during this half term we learnt about being Internet Kind remotely using seesaw. It also fitted in with Internet Safety day and we enjoyed an assembly from Google's Internet Legends. 


Here is one of the videos we looked at during our lesson, highlighting how positivity spreads and kindness and smiles are contagious! 


We created Internet safety scenarios using Plotagon and looked at who we should report incidents to in various situations. 

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