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How do we teach comprehension in 6RM?



In our comprehension lessons we are working on skills within each of the 8 reading domains above. We tend to use a short text or extract for a week before moving onto a different one so that we get to experience a vast range of text types and genres. Our week looks like this: 


Monday - 2a Vocabulary focus 

Tuesday - 2b Retrieval 


Thursday        - Each of the remaining days focus on one of the above skills which

Friday                        differs depending on the text type that we are studying.


Over the course of the year you may hear your child use some of this terminology as we develop our understanding of these skills and what they involve doing. On occasions homework may be set based on these skills if it is highlighted as an area which your child find particularly difficult. 


Below are examples of questions that we will asking children in class using each of these key skills.


In order to support your child’s learning in comprehension please continue to read with them at home as this not only helps their comprehension and understanding but it also really helps their writing! 

Below are a list of questions that you can ask your child when they are reading to in order to check their understanding of that  they have read.