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RSHE Curriculum

Throughout RAMJS we teacher PHSE using Jigsaw resources.  PHSE is a Golden thread that runs through all aspects of school life and covers Personal, Social and Health education.


At RAMJS we believe it is important to educate children about healthy relationships.  In order to do this we hope to include scientific focuses e.g. reproduction:

  • This will be age appropriate and only taught where necessary.
  • Taught to gender specific groups (e.g. girls and menstration) where required.


RSHE Curriculum forms part of our wider PHSE curriculum and is a set of modules that are taught in the final summer term of each year group.


Our RHSE Curriculum includes:

  • Healthy Relationships – What makes a family / Friendships / Types of Relationships / Liking Someone / Same Sex Relationships
  • Personal Health – Keeping Healthy / Eating a Healthy diet / Personal Hygiene
  • Changes to the body - Birth to Adulthood (including puberty)
  • Scientific information -  Puberty (including menstruation) / How a Body Might Change through Puberty / How a Baby Grows in the Womb


All aspects of the Jigsaw framework place a strong emphasis on mental health and wellbeing e.g. ‘How do these changes make me feel?’


Optional Year 6:


We already cover the reproduction of plants ands animals in our science curriculum therefore, in Year 6 (with parental consent) we will cover human reproduction. 

This module includes:

  • Conception – how sperm inseminates an egg
  • The development of a baby once conceived


​​​​​​​The focus of our SRE curriculum is Reproduction not Sex/Intercourse


What children are expected to know by the end of Primary School