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Due to Strike Action, school will be closed to all pupils on Wednesday 1st February 2023.

Support for Parents and Children to support with anxiety during Lockdown

Strategies for parents

  • Re-establish routines with your child, including earlier bedtime and getting up each morning in plenty of time. Be mindful that your child may find the first few days/weeks at school very tiring but this will be a short-term issue whilst they rebuild their stamina for learning
  • Work with your child to set goals and targets for what can be achieved each day - this might be school work 'targets' and social 'targets'
  • Talk to your child about what they are looking forward to / anxious about in terms of returning to school – the 'stress bucket approach' may be useful
  • Remember simple steps to try and reduce anxiety resulting from the COVID19 pandemic such as:
    • Limiting news coverage o Increasing contact (safely) with others outside of your household
    • Build in times of the day for a treat – a hot bath, a walk, a game you enjoy
    • Use exercise, games, films, etc to distract your thoughts
    • Sharing of worries – consider writing a blog or diary

Useful resources for parents and children to use at home to manage anxiety