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Internet Legends Assembly

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 we can’t currently have whole school assemblies together in the hall at the moment.

However we are extremely excited to be involved in a whole school assembly from Google about Internet Safety on Tuesday morning, which will be live streamed into classes at 9.30am. If your child is having to self isolate, don’t worry they need not miss out as the link to the assembly will be provided on seesaw for them to access.


The children love the resources from Google’s Internet Legend program, particularly the Interland interactive game and as such we are really looking forward to this assembly to help with children’s knowledge of how to stay safe online. 

In the current climate, with an increased number of our children online, it is so important they have the tools to keep themselves protected online. Google have provided details of parent resources which children can enjoy at home to support their learning at the link provided.


 There are more details regarding this resource from the google team in the attached poster.