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Covid-19 SEND newsletter- support and resources


SENsational Learning Ideas


Dear Parents / Carers,

This is a SEND newsletter to support you with ‘learning at home’ with your child.


Adjusting to learning at home

We know that this is a time of adjustment for families and we hope to give you advice to support you. We have found a useful home learning website which you will find at


This includes activities which, not only focus on the curriculum, but also on how you can support your child’s wellbeing and manage the situation at home.


There is a special area called SENsational learning to help you support the needs of your child. We will be sharing the SENsational learning ideas with you through this newsletter and these include:


· Skill Builders

· Calm and Happy

· Be Creative

· Stay Active


Thought for the week:


“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”


Theodore Roosevelt


You are the ones who best know what you have available and what the interests of your child are.


We have listened to parents about how they are managing this new situation and we have given some thought to suggestions for this. We hope these help.

  • Remember that in your role as parents / carers you have always been a teacher to your children.

· You run the show - you know your child well - do what is best for them.

· Do not feel under pressure to do all the work the school has sent home if you don’t feel able to. Keep it manageable for you and your child.

· Plan your own routine that suits your family - some structure will help you.

· Remember that you will be spending more time together than usual so it is important to keep things positive.

· Give ample time for breaks and to have fun.


How do I decide what we are going to do? Here are some ideas…


· Have a blank piece of paper on the wall, anyone can add things they would like to do during the day.

· Some days / week you might like to pick a theme and follow your child’s interest.

· Consider things you can do in the home - the website has a link to the Change 4 Life site ideas for indoor activities and to the CookIT! website with recipes, a historical cookbook and activities about food.

· Add things you can do outside for example talking, observing, counting, exploring and gardening.


This week’s activities you might want to try


Some of these are more geared to primary aged children, but older children or adults might enjoy these too.


Skills Builders activities


· Paired reading is a wonderful way to support your child with their reading. This YouTube video gives a demonstration of how to do paired reading with your child -

· Memory games are a great way to improve your child’s memory. This YouTube video shows how to play Kim’s Game -

· Audio books are useful learning tools for all age pupils and adults alike - especially if you listen together and talk about it -


Calm and Happy (wellbeing)

· Be Active Kids have provided a bubble recipe, instructions to make bubble wands and 25 fun activities to do -

· HuffPost have published 37 techniques to calm an anxious child which has ideas for primary and secondary


Be Creative

· For primary illustrator Mo Wilems invites you into his studio to join his LUNCH DOODLE and explore ways of writing and making together –

· The Drama Geezers are posting a daily video on their YouTube channel with drama games and activities you can do together at home to suit all ages –


Keep Active

· Be Active Kids provides a list of 50 activities children can do using a cardboard box - from box bowling to obstacle courses –

· NHS Wake and shake Change4Life and Disney have teamed up to bring you Shake Up games - 10- minute bursts of fun to get your kids moving.


I hope this may be of use to you. Take care and stay safe.

Miss Musa