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Cards for Kindness

Help reduce loneliness in older people during COVID-19 by sending a message of hope.

Loneliness is a growing problem among older people, and in care homes it can be a particularly difficult issue to resolve. Figures from Age UK show that 200,000 older people have not had a conversation with friends or family for a month, and 60% of people in care homes get no visitors at all.


Cards for Kindness is an initiative which aims to reduce loneliness in our care homes by encouraging members of the community to send a card to a local care home. 

It's always lovely to receive a card through the post and this often sparks conversation and encourages residents to talk to each other. Research shows this has many health benefits, especially for people living with dementia. This is even more prominent amid the coronavirus pandemic as visiting is suspended.


How you can help

To send a card all you need to do is write one, attach a stamp and pick a local care home to send it to. You can find your local care home in the lists on the link below


See how creative you can be with the materials you already have at home, or see what you can pick up whilst you’re shopping for necessary supplies and post during your daily exercise.


The Cards for Kindness project was originally set up by Lancashire County Council in summer 2018 and has since grown and developed across the partnership with more local organisations lending their support and more than 100 care homes now participating.


Click on the link for more information.


I am sure lots of people would love to receive a card from you.