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Dear Parents and Carers,


We are dealing with repeated incidents involving Snapchat and inappropriate content being sent throughout school.  These incidents are occurring outside of school time but coming into school as unresolved incidents that staff are having to manage.


Children at times are being particularly unkind and we are experiencing an increase in children reporting feeling sad, anxious and upset following conversations that have gotten out of control.


These incidents are impacting on our pupils confidence and wellbeing so please remind your children about safe use and kind words.


I have included some information about managing Snapchat as it is an app many school staff are unaware of how to use.


Please consider the appropriateness of this app for your children as the age limit is 13+.

Snapchat deletes messages as soon as they have been seen so it is nearly impossible as a parent to see what may have been sent by your child or to your child unless it has been screenshot.  We greatly appreciate your continued support.


Kindest Regards

Mrs Nickson and the RAMJS Team