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Cycle A

Year 6 English Programme of study:


Year 6

Unit Title – Ocean Exploration/Narrative, Stories Set by the Sea


(Listen to the Moon)



Unit Title – Under Attack - WW1/Narrative with Historical Setting


(Ghost Soldier)


Unit Title – Heroes & Villains - Newspaper Reports


(The Inventions of Hugo Cabret)


Unit Title –

Jurassic World/Space - Explanation Texts




Unit Title – Ancient Civilisations – Stories with a Flashback


(The Girl of Ink and Stars)


Unit Title – Greatest Showman – Letter Writing

(The Nowhere Emporium)

Unit Title – Ocean Exploration – Descriptive Poetry


(The Sea by James Reeves/Titanic)




Unit Title – Under Attack WW1 – Non-Fiction, Biography/



(Ghost Soldier)


Unit Title – Heroes and Villains – Hybrid Texts


(Brockholes Nature Reserve Leaflet)


Unit Title – Jurassic World/Space – Poems with Imagery






Unit Title – Ancient Civilisations - Discussion and Debate


(The Girl of Ink and Stars)



Unit Title – Greatest Showman – Playscripts


(The Nowhere Emporium)

Unit Title – Under Attack WW1 – First World War Poetry


(Ghost Soldier)


Unit Title – Ancient Civilisations

(The Girl of Ink and Stars)


Myths and Legends



Unit Title – Greatest Showman – Narrative Poetry


(The Nowhere Emporium)